Armineh Moghadasi

Armineh is an illustrator and graphic designer from Iran currently living in New York.  She came to the States exclusively to pursue her passion in art and develop herself as an Illustrator and Designer.   Armineh holds a B.A. degree in graphic design from the Art University of Tehran, and a M.A. degree from Savannah College of Art and Design.  She has extensive experience with the Creative Suite of Adobe software and has a substantial knowledge of layout and design.

She tends to express themes which are inspired by nature, world cultures, tribal designs, and her everyday surroundings. These influences, fused with her own innate artistic expression, knowledge of design, and adventurous and heuristic personality,  combine to create a unique style which is both cutting edge and timeless. The result, is both gratifying to her as a designer, and carries a valuable market appeal. 

Welcome to her home! Hope you enjoy your time here!